What are Railroad Apartments and Are they Suitable for You?

In real estate, spacious and affordability are two words that are not used often. When you are buying a home, you will either; find a house that is extremely spacious, the price is too high or one that is affordable, but it’s small. However, the railroad apartments provide you with space, and they are affordable.

You may have heard of them and probably don’t know what they are. Well, put your mind at ease, you will not be living on the train! The railroad apartments are designed without a hallway. The rooms of the apartment will not have a defined plan. In fact, for you to access the rooms, you will have to pass through another room. It is only the bathroom that is single and located at one side of the apartment.

They are spacious because there is no hallway and all the rooms are linked to each other. The design is a bit tricky because the living room and the kitchen are near the entrance while the bedroom is at the far end.

So, is this the right apartment for you? Before you can brush off the idea, here are the pros and also cons of living in the apartments.


Ø Affordable: Residing in City is the desire of most people, but the price of housing is high for the average Joe which discourages many people. However, with the railroad apartments, you can live near the city. Since they occupy small square foot, they are quite affordable. There are many options available as they are common in the large cities. With the Real Estate Virtual Tours, you will get to see all the features of the house.

Ø Maximize on space: Space is the primary factor that these apartments are built on. You plan your house with ease.

Ø Perfect for singles: If you are starting off in life and are looking for a place to live, the railroads are the right option for you. If you don’t have many house items, then the apartment is enough for you.

Ø Perfect for couples: living in proximity with your partner will promote intimacy. They are also perfect if you are and your partner is starting off in life, or you are in the period of transition.


Ø Lack of privacy: All rooms are interconnected. Remember there is no hallway. You cannot access the one room without using the other rooms. When you have your friends, it may be embarrassing for them to pass your bedroom every time they want to access the bathroom.

There is an upside to it, though; you will always have your house clean at all times because you don’t want embarrassment!

Ø Hard for roommates to live together: Most of the railroad apartments contain one bedroom. It will be challenging trying to live with someone who is not your partner.

Ø It can be prone to clutter: If you are not careful, you may clutter your small living space. There are many different ways that you can ensure that you manage your space. Buying the organizational bins can help you save on space.

Create a peaceful environment

The fact that the apartments are small it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate the interior. It may be challenging, but if you mix different pieces together you, can achieve a great look. Pay attention to the colors of the house. Painting the house white will give you more options.


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